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The Academic Innovation Ecosystem at UAF

The Faculty Accelerator facilitates a number of important innovation initiatives across the institution. If you want to get involved in any of these efforts or if you’d like to see an innovation listed here, get in touch with a partner today!

The Academic Incubator provides a suite of consultative services that aim to create rapid pathways to new programs and program changes. Find out what the Incubator can do for you here. 

Airtable Pilot

Airtable is being used at UAF in all sorts of ways—sharing resources with students, managing inventory for facilities services, connecting students to community-based projects, facilitating the evaluation of GER outcomes, managing catalogs of courses, managing game mechanics—dig into the details and learn how to get involved.

As tuitions rise and state funding shrinks, one way to ensure that our education is competitively affordable is to adopt open educational resources in lieu of expensive textbooks. Some UAF faculty are ahead of the curve and striking out on their own to write and publish invaluable open resources for their students. 

With enrollments already in the thousands and students in more than 100 countries across the globe, the AlaskaX initiative is proving to be a valuable outreach effort and is raising our visibility as the premier research institution in the Arctic.

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