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LEAP: Learner Experience Advocacy Program

Feedback is an essential element in developing any skillset, including teaching. In the Learner Experience Advocacy Program, undergraduate students learn about course feedback strategies and partner with participating instructors to observe and share feedback on course design and delivery. The goals of the program are to meaningfully improve the learner experience at UAF, build community among instructor and student leaders, and provide professional development to students and instructors alike.

In this semester-long program, students are trained in course design and feedback strategies, then partnered with participating instructors to observe and share feedback on their (online) courses. Student Advocates are embedded (not enrolled) in the courses they review and they focus their feedback on assessment areas of the instructor’s choice. The program involves regular meetings between student advocates and instructors, as well as creation of a final feedback packet. View a sample schedule for the semester.    

LEAP is now accepting applications for the Spring 2022 pilot program

Student Advocates:

Student Advocates can expect to spend 3-4 hours per week on the program after an intensive week of training January 3rd – 10th. Advocates receive a $1500 scholarship upon completion of the program. 

Student Application

Instructor Partners:

Instructors in the LEAP program get targeted, high-quality feedback on their course design and teaching, build community with colleagues and students alike, and are recognized by the Provost’s Faculty Development Team for their commitment to their teaching practice. The time commitment is about 20 hours of meetings spread out over the course of the semester, plus additional time to implement course revisions based on feedback. 

Instructor Application

Applications are due December 13, 2021.

Questions? Contact Elle Fournier: cmfournier2@alaska.edu