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As faculty within a complex research institution, determining where you should go next in your career isn’t easy and no one person will have all the right answers. The Mentoring Hub is a way to expand your collegial resources.

Each of us brings something valuable to the table. Whether it’s 30 years of teaching experience, knowledge of the tenure and promotion process, balancing family and work, writing a successful grant proposal, or managing your sanity as an adjunct with a day job, each of us can act as a mentor to a newer faculty member or someone new to a role.

Gallery of Informal Mentors

 There are no requirements for becoming an informal mentor; you simply need to be willing to connect with a colleague at times you agree upon. Some mentors may be eligible for additional support from the Accelerator through new programs that will be emerging in Spring 2021. 

*Formal mentoring assignments should be done at the school or college level, but for less formal connections, this is a great way to connect. If for some reason you haven’t been assigned a formal mentor within your school or college, please contact the Provost’s Office.

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If you’re requesting a mentor or applying to be one, someone from the Accelerator will contact you to help you connect with others in the Network. 

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