THE UAF Faculty Development Team

In 2018, the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor of UAF, Anupma Prakash, decided to emphasise the tripartite mission of the university by establishing a team to support faculty development on campus. Together, this team is looking to foster a faculty community where engagement and inspiration are easily found. 

Sarah Stanley

Sarah Stanley came to UAF in the fall of 2010 as an Assistant Professor. She is currently working on a project with others to develop a Higher Education learning network inside and out of jails, prisons, and halfway houses.
She believes in transformational community based learning and works in faculty development to build relationships that she believes will translate into an opportunity for more diverse students to teach and learn from and with. 


Rich Collins

Richard Collins came to UAF in January 1994 as an assistant research professor at the GI. Since then, he’s taught in electrical and computer engineering and atmospheric sciences. He has maintained an ongoing research program at Poker Flat Research Range focused on the Arctic atmosphere and geospace based on laser-radar (lidar) observations. 
Richard’s primary interests in faculty development include how to support faculty in conducting research and scholarly activity and integration of research and instruction.

Madara Mason

Madara Mason has been teaching at UAF since 1999, teaching in multiple departments over the years. She currently teaches for the Art and Education Departments and is the Faculty Development Coordinator for UAF eCampus.
Madara’s primary interests in faculty development include creative approaches to age old teaching problems, innovative programs that foster a no-fear approach to the classroom, and pedagocially sound inclusion of technology in the teaching practice.  


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If you’re a campus leader and offer opportunities for faculty, please share your public Google Calendar link with us so that we can add it to the calendar here.