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New Faculty Orientation

The Provost’s Faculty Development Team conducts a new faculty orientation each Fall. Please contact Amanda White with questions. See the 2020 Orientation agenda and materials here

UNAC Faculty Contracts & Workloads

For access to the collective bargaining agreement, workload and annual review templates, and appointment letters and contracts, see this page for complete information.

Promotion, Tenure & Sabbatical

If you plan to stand in AY21-22 for promotion review, or tenure review prior to your mandatory year, you must notify your dean and/or director in writing of your intent to do so no later than  May 10, 2021.    

UAF Blue Book

UAF Policies and Regulations for the Appointment and Evaluation of Faculty can be found in the UNAC CBA and UAF Blue
Book. In case of a discrepancy between the two, the CBA trumps the Blue Book.

Faculty 180

Faculty 180 is an activities reporting and evaluation processing software tool developed by Data 180.   Annual Activities Reports are no longer submitted via paper forms.

Institutional Accreditation

Regional accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process of self-analysis and peer review that assures educational quality and encourages purposeful improvement through evaluations based on institutional mission, accepted academic standards, and expectations of the public. Extensive information is can be found on this site.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Assessment and program review are two related but distinct processes aimed at evaluating academic program quality, and both are required in order to maintain UAF’s accreditation. For more information, contact Sarah Stanley, the current Accreditation and Assessment Fellow in the Office of the Vice Provost.

Program Review

Academic program review is designed to meet the standards of the  Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the regional accrediting organization that oversees UAF, as well as to comply with  University Regulation 10.06.010.B.   Every academic program at UAF undergoes review at least once during a five-year cycle.

Faculty Senate

Faculty have traditionally played a key role in shared governance and academic collegiality of institutions of higher education. The UAF Faculty Senate, established in January 1988, consists of 39-42 faculty members elected proportionally from the faculty of each college and school. In addition to the monthly meetings, the standing and permanent committees meet regularly to carry out the majority of the work.

Student Course Evaluations

Students play  an integral role  in the academic life of UAF by providing their opinions on courses and instructors through the Blue evaluation system.  The data collected with Blue serve the important purpose of assessing the didactical offering, as a component of the promotion and tenure process, and as a guidance to improve courses and hone faculty’s teaching techniques. 

Research, Grants & Contracts

UAF is one of only a handful of institutions in the country to claim the triple crown status of Land, Sea and Space Grant Institution. As a University that us funded through a large number of research grants, the Office of Research Integrity is available to help you conduct safe and ethical research.

Rasmuson Library

The Rasmuson Library supports faculty and students with their research and information needs. The library provides access to over 170 library databases, a growing collection of eBooks, computers and equipment for checkout, and many other services. The library is best known for its special collections and archives unit which contains archival books, periodicals, film, and maps, as well as oral histories and other resources related to Alaska and Arctic regions.

Course & Program Approval

UAF Courseleaf facilitates the approval process for significant changes and additions to courses and programs. The process can be time consuming and it’s important to be aware of deadlines: 1st Friday in November for course-level changes and the 1st Friday in October for program-level changes.

Diversity Resources

Faculty are often asked to serve on search committees for other faculty positions as well as administrative positions. UAF provides a number of resources meant to help encourage diversity, which is critical to the value of our institution globally, as well as the quality of faculty, staff, and student life  

Incident Resources

Should an incident occur that affects you or a student, the following links may help you navigate the reporting landscape.

For COIVID-related incidents, contact the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities for information and guidance.


Student Accommodations

UAF provides higher education for a large population of non-traditional students and is committed to providing quality access to all students. Disability Services provides a number of accommodation forms that may be of assistance to you and your students.

Student Academics & Regulations

At UAF, academic regulations address issues such as grading, academic standing, and student rights and responsibilities. Since policies change from time to time, it’s important for students to stay informed about current requirements. By enrolling at UAF, a student agrees to abide by university rules, regulations and academic standards.

MOA/MOU Resources

You may at some point need information and guidance for agreements with entities external to UAF. Resources are available to help you to draft an agreement (or contact the offices necessary to do so), and to get approval from all necessary parties for your agreement. A flowchart overview of the process is here.

All Academic Programs

When working with students, it helps to be aware of the breadth of degree and certificate programs offered by our institution. Recruiting new students is a collective responsibility and we should all advocate for UAF as an option for students. 

A to Z at UAF

Looking for something but you’re not sure what? This page is a rich resource with links to just about every department, initiative, and resource at UAF. Even if you’ve worked at UAF for a while, you may not be aware of everything we offer and the incredible resources that are here for you.