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Month of Writing: June 2022

A Month of Writing begins June 1, 2022

UAF writers are invited to register for a Month of Writing, which will include weekly writing sessions, workshops, facilitated writing activities, and an optional weekend retreat. In addition to accountability for maintaining a regular writing practice, participants can expect to develop new skills for navigating academic, technical, and creative writing as well as techniques for productivity and wellness in our writing practices. We hope to build a broad and supportive interdisciplinary writing community. 

Participants will be asked to commit to at least three 2-hour writing sessions per week, and at least one writing-in-community activity per week. There will be an optional weekend retreat in the Fairbanks area. All other events will be virtual on Zoom.


Weekly Rhythm




7-9 am Writing Session Writing Session Writing Session
9-11 am Writing Session Writing Session Writing Session
11-11:45 am Workshop Writing Workout Admiration Hour
12-2 pm Writing Session Writing Session Writing Session
2-4 pm Writing Session Writing Session Writing Session


Participants choose at least one “Writing Session” per day, and join a Zoom meeting at the start and end of the session to help prompt and debrief the work.

Workshop: Participants may drop into the workshop to discuss an issue/question with their writing, or to submit and discuss feedback on a piece of writing.  

Writing Workout: A facilitated writing activity, sometimes led by outside writers. This space is meant to help generate new ideas and flex writing muscles.

Admiration Hour: Participants discuss published writing (we select an article to read each week) with a focus on craft – how has this writer accomplished successful writing?