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Indigenous Authors Book Club

Indigenous Authors Book Club

The Indigenous Authors Book Club is hosted by TiaAnna Tidwell through UAF’s Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development via Zoom. Interested participants meet once every six weeks to discuss a variety of Indigenous authored books. All faculty are welcome and encouraged to join this informal, open group. The Accelerator will purchase books for interested faculty. The Faculty Accelerator will purchase books for faculty. For more information contact TiaAnna Tidwell at tmtidwell@alaska.edu

February 25th, 7pm
Elatso by Darcie Little Badger
Zoom Meeting ID: 827-9712-3778
Passcode: 582351

Januaary 28th 7pm
Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Zoom Meeting ID: 846-4682-8101
Passcode: 26MeVy

Friday Writers GrouP

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Following a successful writing retreat in October 2020, the Faculty Accelerator will host an ongoing writing group on Zoom on Fridays in Spring 2021. UAF faculty, staff, post-grads, and graduate students are invited to join us for either (or both!) of two 3-hour writing sessions at 8-11am and 1-4pm. Join on Zoom at the start of the session to meet the group and make a plan for your writing. Join the #writing-retreat channel in the UAF Faculty Hub Slack team to discuss, get feedback, and connect with your colleagues.

Questions? Contact Madara Mason (emason@alaska.edu) or Sarah Stanley (sstanley2@alaska.edu).