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Academic Incubator

The aim of the Academic Incubator is to assist faculty, chairs, and deans in making rapid and strategic changes to thier existing programs as well as assisting in the development of new programs that modernize and reposition programs, highlighting the talents and unique education offered by our faculty.

The Incubator leverages the institutional knowledge, the collaborative natures of our faculty and staff, and the problem solving skills of Accelerator partners to create the most effective team of consultants and support staff possible for anyone looking to rapidly adapt their programs to a post-COVID world.

If you have questions about any of the services offered below or if you would like to become part of the consulting network that supports rapid development, contact any one of the core team: Meryem Udden, Madara Mason, or Owen Guthrie.


Phase 1: Consultation

For departments that aren’t sure where to start and are struggling with how to best adapt their programs to meet new conditions, this phase of support involves a brief discussion with a member of the Incubator team followed by whatever might be needed to support moving to the next phase.

If you’re starting from the ground up, we’ll find a team of 3-5 people from across the institution who can facilitate any or all of the following:¬†


  • Funding the development process
  • Idea generation support with some of UAF’s most creative thinkers and problem solvers
  • Online-conversion support
  • Case studies of departments who have recently undergone a similar process¬†
phase 1

PHASE 2: R&D Support

This level of support is for those departments that are already fairly certain of the changes that need to take place with their programs.

  • Market research and competitor analysis to determine viability of a program
  • Set goals and a timeline for the completion of the program proposal from the initial submission to enrolling students
  • Example program proposals, templates, and useful tips are available to help with the development of the proposal


Phase 3: Red Tape Defense

This phase of support ensures that your amazing new program actually gets off the ground in time to have an impact.


  • Support staff who will complete paperwork on your behalf and ensure policies are met by requisite deadlines
  • Assistance in proof-reading the full proposal before it is submitted into the workflow
  • Guidance and check-ins throughout the curriculum approval process as the proposal is reviewed
  • Feedback regarding any potential friction points in the process